Welcome to TXAOO

We welcome new members! Whether you are a grower, producer or connoisseur, you can find a place in our organization. Our goal is to consolidate the olive oil industry in Texas and do everything we can to promote Texas olive oil and Texas olive oil products. We collaborate with Texas universities to determine the very best solutions to issues facing olive growers in our state. We help bridge the gap between growers, producers, marketing and consumers. We strive to establish marketing practices that inform the consumer as to exactly what they are purchasing.


GOG 2019 Growers Manual

The Georgia Olive Growers Association has just released their 2019 Growers Manual. Access the download for free on the GOG’s website! We also encourage you to complete the survey included in the download email, and help advance olive production in the Southwest!

Our Mission

The Texas Association of Olive Oil (TXAOO) supports, promotes, and defends the growing, harvesting, processing, marketing and sale of Texas olive oil. TXAOO through its members coordinates all olive related activity in the state of Texas.