2023 Board of Directors

TXAOO Members –

Greetings, and best regards to you and your farms/businesses from your new 2023 Board of Directors. Please know that we are working hard to transition into our new roles, set priorities and make plans for where we want to take this organization over the coming years.

Let me introduce our new slate of officers and directors:

Mike Walzel – President
Adam Jenschke – Vice-President
Renee Majowicz – Secretary
Mark Jones – Treasurer
Cathy Bernell – Director
Christine McCabe – Director
Stephen Janak, Texas A&M AgriLife – Ad Hoc Member

We are very grateful to our previous TXAOO board – and really to everyone who has done so much over the past eight years that this organization has been in existence. We have learned quite a bit during that time, but know that we still have a lot more work to do to get to where we are a more sustainable and profitable industry for our state.

We thank you for your trust in us to lead this organization, as well as your continued spirit and energy in what you do on a daily basis to keep our olive community moving in the right direction. I am sure that working collectively, we can make faster progress toward achieving our goals than working individually.

You will hear more from your board as we set priorities and plans for the coming years. Personally, I look forward to talking with and meeting all of you at some point, and better understanding your needs and concerns. We are here to work for you – so feel free to reach out to us and let us know your thoughts on growing, harvesting, milling and selling olive oil.

Again, best regards on behalf of your 2023 Board of Directors!

Mike Walzel
President, TXAOO