Commissioner Miller Seeks Members for New Texas Olive Oil Advisory Board

Today, Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller announced the Texas Department of Agriculture is now accepting applications to fill nine seats on the new Texas Olive Oil Advisory Board created by the Texas Legislature earlier this year. The new board will be responsible for developing a plan to promote and expand the growing olive oil industry in the State of Texas. Applications must be submitted to the agency by 5 p.m on Aug. 15, 2019.

“Texas olive oil is one of the more exciting industries in Texas agriculture today,” said Commissioner Miller. “The Texas olive oil industry helps diversify our ag portfolio in Texas and provides a great economic stimulus to regions across Texas. I’m excited to help form this new advisory board and looking forward to doing what we can to boost Texas olive oil. So if you’d like to help, let us know!”

Commissioner Miller will select nine applicants, including: five olive growers, each representing the five established olive growing regions, a researcher or educator employed by a higher educational institution,  a representative who is engaged in harvesting, milling, or agritourism, a representative from the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service and a representative from the Texas Department of Agriculture.

The advisory board members will be responsible for performing duties such as developing a long-term branding and marketing plan, review and discuss rules impacting the olive oil industry and assess the current state of the industry.

To request or submit an application, please contact Scott Sroufe at [email protected].

Should you have questions, please contact Scott Sroufe, Coordinator for Marketing at TDA, at (512)-463-7476.