The Future of TXAOO

Dear members, sponsors, and friends,
On behalf of the Board members of the Texas Association of Olive Oil (TXAOO), we are
making the following announcements:
The unprecedented winter storm of 2021, known as Winter Storm Uri, resulted in devastating
losses to the Texas olive industry. Specifically, complete olive crop loss for 2021 as well as the
loss of entire olive groves throughout the state. As a result of these heart-breaking damages,
many of our friends and colleagues have departed the Texas olive industry entirely.  Although
the Board members have the utmost confidence in the resurgence and resilience of Texas olive
producers, the Board believes it is in the best interest of TXAOO and its members to suspend its
activity until the work to recover, reimagine and realign the Texas olive industry warrants
the resurgence of an active, productive, and beneficial Association.     

Effective April 1, 2022, TXAOO will no longer accept new members, retain a board, or conduct
any activities.  However, the TXAOO website will remain active and a resource for information
and communication. 

I thank each board member serving since November 2020. Since then, we have helped usher in
new strategic plans to improve and stabilize operations and organizational processes, among
many other accomplishments. We sincerely thank you for your contributions and leadership.
If you have any questions about the transition or the organization, do not hesitate to reach out.

Cathy Bernell
Texas Association of Olive Oil, President
(281) 467-8667
[email protected]
March 16, 2022