TXAOO 2022 Year-End Update and Announcements

December 1, 2022

Dear fellow Texas olive growers and supporters:

As the end of 2022 rapidly approaches, the TXAOO board wishes to address and inform the TXAOO members of the progress, status, and strategies for our association.  As in 2021, the 2022 Texas olive production was at zero and, as reflective of the Texas olive industry, TXAOO experienced difficult and extenuating circumstances as well.  Despite the resignation of 5 of the 8 board members, the board continued in a fiduciary role guided by the TXAOO bylaws:  


For the first time in the association’s history, we filed and received IRS classification as a 501(c)(3) organization. Additionally, we filed and brought current all tax filings. This is important for the future of TXAOO, as it allows us to make grant applications and qualify TXAOO for funding opportunities.

Association Improvements:   

  1. The TXAOO website was reviewed, revised, and updated.
  2. TXAOO continued its supportive role in the Texas A&M grant. This grant was finalized and closed in 2022 and the results were published on the association’s website.
  3. Membership plans were reviewed and revised into a tiered system.
  4. TXAOO partnered with Ad Hoc Board member, Stephen Janak, in hosting two (2) educational and informative Texas olive events. 
  5. TXAOO continues to support and provide input to the GoTexan program in its efforts to revise the GoTexan logo and qualifications.

Upcoming Actions:

  1. Reinstate membership registration – IMMEDIATELY
  2. A board election will be held to fill all vacant board seats – January 2023. FYI; election details will be emailed to current TXAOO members and only current members are eligible for board seat nomination.
  3. Appropriate grant and funding opportunities will be reviewed, and applications will be submitted.

As our industry looks forward to the return of Texas olive production in 2023, TXAOO welcomes member input and contributions in its efforts to emerge stronger, more organized, and in a proactive position to continue its unfaltering commitment to support, educate, and grow the Texas olive industry. 

Best regards,

Cathy Bernell, TXAOO – President